Communications Recevier The AR-ONE gives you total command of frequencies, modes, tuning steps and more. It is possible to tune in increments of one Hz. Surveillance operations are enhanced. Monitoring multiple frequencies is easier and faster. Computer control gives you maximum flexibility and unleashes the many features found in this advanced technology receiver.  Super wide coverage: 10 KHz ~ 3.3…

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Water resistant hand-held Communications receiver WATER RESISTANT: Meets JIS4 waterproof standards to protect against spray and splash TCXO for greater stability (=/-2.5 ppm) Long battery life! Approx. 22 hours of operation on supplied Ni-MH batteries 1000 memory channels Free memory management software to download CTCSS & DCS Voic inverter descrambler (not available for US domestic…

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Communications Receiver 10khz to 3,3 GHZ Takes Professional Monitoring to a Next Generation The AR-ALPHA is designed to meet the increasingly complex needs of monitoring professionals with coverage from 10kHz to 3.3GHz continuous, with no gaps.  Zero-IF and DOS local generator Fast FFT Spectrum Display up to 1GHz bandwidth Wide Band I/Q digital output through…

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Compact Discone Aerial The DA735G aerial is designed to receive across the frequency range of 75MHZ to 3000MHZ (3GHz) employing a compact discone configuration. The small size and relatively light weight design is ideal for installation in a confined space such as an apartment. Upon unpacking, take time to locate and familiarise yourelf with the…

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Mark2 RECEIVER- any time, any place wider coverage all mode receiver 100 kHz – 3000 MHz with RS232 port The AR8600 Mark2 is an amazingly versatile receiver which can be used mobile, base or trans-portable… powered from an external 12V d.c. power supply, 12V vehicle or from an optional internally fitted NiCad battery pack. Due…

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