Communications Recevier

The AR-ONE gives you total command of frequencies, modes, tuning steps and more. It is possible to tune in increments of one Hz.

Surveillance operations are enhanced. Monitoring multiple frequencies is easier
and faster. Computer control gives you maximum flexibility and unleashes the
many features found in this advanced technology receiver.

  •  Super wide coverage: 10 KHz ~ 3.3 GHz
  •  1000 memory channels
  •  10 VFOs
  •  Monitor AM, NFM, WFM, USB, LSB, CW,
  • Data
  •  Ultra-stable reference frequency oscillator
  •  Two RS-232C ports plus control head port
  •  Control up to 99 AR-ONE Units with
  • one PC
  •  Triple conversion superheterodyne
  • front end
  •  Antenna input level readout
  •  Adjustable BFO
  •  High intercept
  •  Multi IF signal output (10.7 MHz or 455 KHz)
  • Excellent sensitivity

The AR-ONE is designed for use by the monitoring professional. The AR-ONE is so
advanced, you’ll be thinking of new applications for its powerful capabilities.


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