AVO-150M Antenna



Fiberglass Omni Antenna is high frequency antenna developed by our company; it can be used in 150-158, 158-166, 160-169, and 166-174MHz communications system. Using the high intensity fiberglass omni seal, it  features   high gain,  wide  bandwidth,  fine  hurricane  lamp,  damp proof  and  good reliability.
All antennas are strictly tested by HP network analyzer before delivery.



 Model AVO-150 M
Freq. range.  –MHz 150-158158-166
Bandwidth  -MHz 8
Gain  -dBi 8.5
Vertical Beam with    −° 10
VSWR ≤1.5
Input Impedance   − Ω 50
Polarizations Vertical
Max. Power-w 100
Connector Type UHF or N Female
Antenna Length –m 4.7
Weight –kg 3.5
Rated wind Velocity–m/s 60