ST – 610 SmarTrunk

The ST – 610 Multi-Site Roaming Switch is a cost effective solution for linking multiple SmartXpress TM sities.



ST 610 SmarTrunk System IP Switch
The ST – 610 Multi-Site Roaming Switch is a cost effective solution for linking multiple SmartXpress TM sities, together. The unique Automatic Site Registration feature allows subscribers to use auto-roaming services through all the network, while keeps all SmartXpress TM facilities, including the high speed channel acquisition (see ST-858
Controller features). In addition, the ST – 610 Switch is also a server to support a set of top level features, such as:

  • Network Control & Monitoring
  • Network Statistics and Supervision
  • AVL Fleet Management through the whole network
  • Text messages dispatch
  • Multiple Remote Dispatch Consoles
  • Traffic Queuing
  • Call Logging for security reasons

Special features for complementary applications are available such as Dynamic Regrouping and Emergency procedures. Easily expandable, the ST-610 configuration can be adjusted to your requirement, starting from single site server for top level applications up to extremely wide area, mirrored, distributed IP switch & server (fig.2).