SmarTrunk ST-858E

SmarTrunk ST-858E

Computer Access Bridge Monitoring and Controlling on RF is now so Easy

The new Smart Trun Xpress technology allows interacting with the repeater site through a multimedia computer running a site monitoring and control software.

The new ST-858E “Computer Access Bridge” (CAB) is the bridge to the trunking repeater channels operating at the RF site. The ST-858E “Computer Access Bridge” connect to all the ST-858X Controllers in the site via the Hight Speed Databus, and the computer is connected to the ST-858E CAB through the communications cable (DB-9 connection)

The ST-858 CAB receives commands from computer software in order to perform special computer commanded routines such as site monitoring, calls termination, radio kill, radio alive, send & receive text message to any system user, in addition the software may record statistic data for site usage analysis and subscriber units monitoring. in a professional Samrt Trunk radio system, the ST-858E is a must Have for any System Administrator.



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